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Are you a big fun of playing video games? Well, I am sure that you would like to know more about the hobby so that it can be more enjoyable. It does not matter whether you are looking to enjoy playing this game, looking for tips to help you as well as overall strategy, all of them you will find in this article.


Second hand Video Games

The truth of the matter is that video games are expensive and many people tend to spend a lot of their savings just to get one. However, the good news is that you can buy second hand video games which simply mean that you can save some cash. The best part of it all is that you do not have to worry about them being faulty or damaged because sellers check these devices just to make sure.

Techniques Of Buying games

When it comes to buying games, it is important to wait for at least three weeks to two months after the game’s release date. The aim of doing this is so that you can save money buying them. Did you know that the first day a game is released they tend to sell quite expensively compared to how you will buy it after few weeks or months? Well, if you are looking for new games, it is advisable to consider waiting.

At the same time, you should first consider renting a game before purchasing. This is very important because you will get the opportunity to review the game first and judge if you are indeed going to buy them. There are games that you can buy and end up being boring that what you had imagined.

Finally, if you are interested in games that come with several sequels, it is advisable to consider going for the newest version of the game rather than starting from the beginning. In general, the newer it is the more interesting the title is going to be. However, if you are limited in budget, then you should consider starting from the first one and working your way up. The aim is to have a game to play and yet get the games at an affordable cost.

Checking The Game’s Rating

It is very important to check the game’s rate before buying any game for your child. As you are doing this, make sure that you have complied with the game’s appropriate age by reading its review as well as other important details. NOTE: at times, checking game’s rating is not enough and this is why it is very important to check out for other information through platforms such as online, social media and others.

Reselling or Trading-in Video Games

To save money even more on video games, you could resell you games through several platforms such as online website like Ebay, Amazon; social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Keep in mind that you are supposed to sell games that you have already played and completed.

If reselling is difficult, then it is advisable to consider trading in your old games with new ones or others. You may not know this, but you can trade your old games to the video game store, and you can get cash or credit toward new games. Therefore, you should consider asking around to get the best deal.

Playing Time

The truth of the matter is video games could be addictive, making a person spend the whole day and night playing the game. Therefore, it is very important to limit your gaming time to only few hours per day. Generally, it should not exceed more than three hours per day. If you are playing the whole day, then you should consider having breaks after around three hours of play.


If you follow these tips, then surely you are going to enjoy you game as well as get an opportunity to play as many new games as possible depending on the time you have. At the same time, these tips have shown you techniques you can save money buying new games or video games. In general, you are looking for a maximum gaming experience.With emoji answers you can get the maximum experience from the Guess the Emoji game.

In a nutshell, now you are ready to take your video gaming experience to another level. All that it takes is a bit of knowledge, practice as well as gaming passion to get your gaming experience and hobby to the next level.

5 Addictive Puzzle Games That Must Download Now




According to the developers of this particular game, THE ROOM is the establishment of the most mobile device mystery puzzles game. The game is challenging, and the puzzle is solved by overcoming various plots that lead you to your next mystery. Essential elements are the key setting and the plot. That is because these elements make the story interactive and interesting.

The game starts with the player positioned in a small with safe kept at the front. The objective of the player is to crack or unlock the safe. To do this, you are required to walk around the safe while peering at the interior and aligning various items. If the player does manage to open or crack the safe, then another safe is revealed in another room. Each stage of the game you are accompanied by a sound of the wrecking piano that indicates your score. Every time you win blue symbols starts to glow as you wait for the next safe. As you continue to go deeper, the rooms become more mysterious and things begin to take get worse for the player.




This is the new and interesting puzzle challenge

The puzzle offers players a chance to experience the game in twenty languages, which are English, French, Swedish, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, Korean, Latvian, Czech, Estonian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Greek, Finnish, Polish and Danish

To solve the crossword puzzle, you must find each word that is hidden behind a picture.

Other Features of the game consist of the following

• Free additional game
• Simple playing rules
• Over 700 levels to play
• Hundreds pictures and words to be revealed
• A chance to choose any language out of the 22 languages provided.
• Vocabulary improvement

You can find cheats for this game in English at or in Romanian here




Most people fear the thought of being in a forest in the middle of the night. Our brain triggers an alarm because of all the predators that are there in the dark woods, and this causes us to stay away from the wilderness and fear it as well. This game takes you through this experience and forces you to face your dark fears.

As a player in the game of YEAR WALK, you are introduced to the Swedish tradition of fortune telling. The Walker proceeds on to the winter night and in at this night a vision is encountered regards to what is to come and pass of the future. Before your start this game, you need to be aware that the quest consists of evil creatures and puzzles. Furthermore, there are also forest spirits, the ghost of the dead infants and Nathaniel Hawthorne, which is the culled figure of the sinister goat. As overcome different challenges, the plot is slowly revealed as well as yearning, and even obsessive love.




Limbo is a classic game that has side scrolling 2D and offers terrific Super Mario puzzling experience. The game features navigating platforms as well as oncoming enemies. What enemies you might ask for those who are new to this game, but Limbo is a beautiful game that is painted in black and gray noir shadows.

The game starts with the player entering the forest as a young boy, and all of a sudden finds himself sitting on the edge of hell. There are corpses on the scene with flies buzzing all over the place, the bushes are stalked with giant spiders, and there are feral children who are hunting you with arrows and spears. The first stage starts with you negotiating for a path that you will use to cross the fetid pond. This is not easy as the only steps there is are corpses of drowned bodies. On the second half of the game, you will enter an industrial wasteland that is smoggy and weaker that any dark forest that exists. The game is interesting, and you are required to look for plots that can help you through each stage.




Most people consider this game to be a cerebral game, and its associated is said to be sound even though it is considered not to be air tight. The games feature something different from the other games and instead of taking a walk in the dark woods, the game drags you to a different ground and this time in a mental institution, which is abandoned. The background music of the game is somber that builds up slowly as you come across hidden clues and new plots. The only way a player can be able to win the game and make it through to the next stage is by searching around the dirty atmosphere for plots, which are the key factor for revealing each mystery.


5 Of The Best New Puzzle Games To Play On Your iPhone

Are you searching for a new game to play on your iPhone that is a bit more challenging than Angry Birds? If so, just try out one of the five following puzzle games. They are sure to delight and confound you all at the same time.

1. Ones


Basically One is a maddening twist on 2048. To create your next block, you need to combine at least three identical blocks. The goal is for you to mash enough of the blocks together and also align them as well as you can in order to reach the highest possible number of blocks. You will end up spending hours and hours attempting to beat your high score. Then, once you have done that, you will be trying to do the same thing all over again.

Ones costs $0.99 and can be purchased in the Apple App Store.

2. Deeply Absurd Chain

Deeply Absurd Chain

I really love any game that is able to embrace its own degree of absurdity at its most superficial level. This game at first plays much like a majority of match games. The main principle is lining up as many similar items that you can in a row. However, with Deeply Absurd Chain, the matching items just uncover the next link of the chain, which allows for moves that are much more complicated. The game offers an archaeological theme with cartoonish puzzling.

You can download Deeply Absurd Chain for free from the App Store.

3. Atomas


One of this month’s best-designed games, Atomas is a chemistry-based puzzle game. You start out with the most basic elements and then attempt to get them to bond together in order to form precious metals such as gold from your bonded atom collection.

You can download Atomas for free from the App Store.

4. Under the Sun

Under the Sun

The goal in Under the Sun is leading your character through a puzzle-based desert island map series. In the 3D puzzle game, you attempt to navigate your way around natural obstacles like rocks and trees to get to your fire before the sun goes down. However, the map slightly changes with each move you make. Fortunately, when you make a mistake you can play around with time so that you go backwards.

You can download Under the Sun for free from the App Store.

5. PixWords


This is an interesting and wonderful word puzzle challenge. It is available in 22 different languages.

Every word is a separate crossword puzzle that is hidden within a picture. So can you solve all of the different words?

After you solve one work, another letter can be open, which gradually reveals the whole puzzle. You can find hints in different languages to help you solve the puzzle, for example: Pixwords ελληνικα λύσεις.


– Available in 22 different languages
– Hundreds of pictures and words
– Over 700 levels
– Simple rules
– Free game
– Great way of improving your vocabulary!

Top 10 Games For Android- Quality is worth paying for when it comes to games

You get what you pay for.

Quality is worth paying for when it comes to games. And each of these top 10 games are worth every penny! It’s time to get your priorities in order, and treat yourself to some decent leisure time.

These 10 premium games provide excellent value – and you’ll be enjoying yourself so much, all other priorities will simply fall into place.

Do feel free to suggest any games that you feel should be on this list, and we’ll update the list over time.


1. Jones On Fire

Running. Lots of running. This fun and hilarious side-scroller has you running sideways with cats. It’s filled with flames and fur and is not for the RSPCA. But it is balls of fun!

2. Asphalt 7: Heat

An ideal foil for commuter rage, and with a DeLorean and an Aston Martin on the list of cars to choose from, this driving game is designed to appeal to your inner McFly rather than your inner James Bond! Its real-world race locations include central London.

3. Trainyard

A vigorous workout for the brain, this captivating puzzler has you laying down train tracks in order to get the engines to the right stations. It’s not as easy as it may sound. But if racing through the streets by car is not what you think of as fun, this might just be for you. It includes real-world stops, and you need to be alert and vigilant to avoid missing your stop!

4. They Need To Be Fed 2

With 50 deceptively easy-looking levels, the aim of this game is to not get dizzy while you feed the monsters and dodge the dangers at the same time. This sequel to the They Need To Be Fed adds to the appeal of the original 360 degree gravity gameplay.

5. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Whether you choose the traditional option of playing in Survival mode, or you use the 3D blocks in Creative mode to build freely, this mini Minecraft is every bit as addictive as the full Xbox and PC versions.

6. Another World

Get ready for the occasional flashback with the sci-fi storyline in one of the original games to include an authentic cinematic plot. Another World was originally released in 1991, and at that time was cutting edge. It now combines excellent, robust aesthetics with retro charm to brilliant effect.

7. Angry Birds Star Wars HD

A worthy addition to an unstoppable franchise, this game is a clever and entertaining combination of Angry Birds and Star Wars. It provides hours of fun and incorporates great humour.

8. Grand Theft Auto III

It’s been 10 years since the world was carjacked by Grand Theft Auto 3, causing non-gamers to protest in horror against the subject matter. Chances are, many of those who objected so vehemently back then are now carrying the game around with them, happily killing and thieving along with the rest of the gaming community.

9. Symphony Of The Origin

If submerging yourself in medieval RPG action is what blows your hair back, this Japanese epic is filled with sorcery, swords, Evils from the Earth depths, golems, dwarves, and many other mystical creatures.

10. Prince Of Persia Classic

Another classic that has been rejuvenated by Android – Prince of Persia has not lost its charm. This addictive classic has been made portable, and has a slick new look combined with the original platformer. A perfect mix.

Must Have Google Cardboard Apps And Games

Must Have Google Cardboard Apps And Games


Google Cardboar vs. HTC Vive

The best computer game technical school we have seen is HTC’s Vive, however it’s attending to be pricy, need a high-end laptop, and will not be out till the top of the year at the earliest. Google Cardboard, meanwhile, is that the worst computer game technical school we have seen, however, on the facet, it’s offered at once, it’s low cost to shop for (and even cheaper to make), and needs nothing over a recent Smartphone to figure. So, provided that all you wish could be a little bit of cardboard, some scissors and a spare morning to become the owner of a computer game receiver, here is TechRadar’s prime ten Google Cardboard apps you must strive.
Shadowgun VR

Shadowgun desires to be the humanoid equivalent of Gears of War, and whereas it falls method wanting the Xbox third-person shooter, it’s still pretty tight. Shadowgun has popped au fait just about all the main humanoid platforms, from smartphones and tablets to dedicated gambling devices just like the Ouya and therefore the Nvidia protect. The VR version is admittedly simply a one-level technical school demo, however it’s still one in every of the foremost diagrammatically spectacular games offered on moveable VR. Think about it as a free demo for the (hopefully in development) full VR game.
Proton Pulse

If you’ve got Associate in Nursing aversion to bright colours and thumping techno music, stand back from nucleon Pulse. If, however, you spent a decent chunk of your youth in nightclubs (or perhaps still do), then you will get a kick out of this psychedelic puzzle-action game. it is a bit sort of a 3D version of reek or flight, however rather than employing a controller, you merely look wherever you wish the paddle to travel. Its rough round the edges, however there is lots of invention within the fifty levels, and therefore the meager worth helps to fund development of the extremely promising VR shooter, Vanguard V.

Jack White: THIRD-D

Rock ‘n’ roll film maker Jack White is one in every of the names you’d expect to own a VR concert at this early stage, and as long as you wish his music, you must verify his Google Cardboard app. It contains 3 songs from 2 totally different venues, and provides you the choice to skip between them by tilting your head clockwise or counter-clockwise.
The video quality is not nice, the audio quality is not far better, and it will usually be quite troublesome to urge a decent glimpse at White on stage. However, it is a robust indication of however immersive observation music concerts in VR might someday be.

There square measure lots of video apps for Google Cardboard, however let’s face it – YouTube is that the main method folks watch video content of late. Thankfully, Google has been fast to update its YouTube humanoid app to be Cardboard-compatible, with a little range of videos seeable in 360 degrees because of head pursuit. There is not lots of content offered at once, however technological pioneer Björk is one in every of the first adopters along with her video for Stonemilker. Avicii’s expecting Love video could be a very little a lot of visually fascinating, however. Expect a lot of 360-degree videos to stay coming back and within the meanwhile keep a watch on this list.
Chair during a area

It’s clear that bound genres work higher than others in VR — the “sitting down during a spaceship” genre appeared to be a preferred alternative for early VR pioneers. However, as a lot of devices embark and a lot of game manufacturers produce content for them, the horror genre is turning into extraordinarily common. Chair during a area does not do something that totally different from fashionable horror games like outlive and blackout, wherever tension ramps up from unreliable flashlights and creepy sound effects. Nevertheless, the immersive result of VR makes this game all chilling – it genuinely is not for players of a nervous disposition.
It’s still youth for Google Cardboard, which suggests there square measure innumerable glitchy apps that lack polish. VRSE is different: it is a company discovered by movie maker Chris Milk, WHO has directed cool videos for musicians like Kanye West, gesture and Arcade fireplace.
VRSE’s aim is to make a hub for storytellers WHO wish to share content and explore the realms of VR. Current highlights embrace Milk’s own Evolution of Verse short film and therefore the poignant Clouds over Sidra, a documentary a couple of 12-year-old woman WHO lived during a Syrian camp for eighteen months.
InMind VR

InMind VR is to Google Cardboard what Wii Sports was to the Wii – a game that anyone will obtain and play. You play as somebody WHO has shrank so as to mend someone’s body from the within, a little like within the motion picture Inner area. Once within the patient’s brain, you fix broken neurons that flip from red to inexperienced once you focus your sight on them. It is not 1,000,000 miles far away from the underappreciated Xbox 360 classic kid of Eden, solely sadly while not the trippy music and visuals. However, it’s easy to choose up and play, utterly free, and if you wish it, you’ll be able to support the developer’s next game In CELL via in-app purchases.